A tiger on my neck and a snake up my sleeve
Bearded Sage with Tiger Spirit
Village Chief
Madonna and child
Dragonfruit Blooms and Vermillion Lemons
Merged (Portrait in Landscape)
Table Harvest
Wild Tribe (fight or flight)
Birds (of a feather)
A Beautiful Brood
I've got a Cheetah in my Chest
Camouflage (Self Portrait)
Merged (Tweed River Valley)
Australian Natives and Supermarket Blooms
Banksias in pink vase (Blue Birds Flight)
Journey Rug (feat Olley)
Snake Charmer
Merged Blooms (Beauty Everywhere)
Olley's Treasures (with a trinity of jugs)
Persian Horse Arrangement
Patterns and dried figs
Olley's Rug
Residency (standing on the outside looking in)
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