Upcoming Solo: Tabernacle of Skin

Tabernacle of Skin

An exhibition of new work by Sarah Hickey

When: 3 – 22 September

Opening: Thursday 6th September @ 6:30pm

Where: Lust For Life Gallery, 176 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley

Open: 7 days, 10am – 6pm

Hickey, S. 2012. Tabernacle. 100 x 140cm, acrylic and mixed media on canvas.jpg

About the Exhibition:

Sarah Hickey’s chimera of femme forms explores the idea of body as Tabernacle, a "residence" or "dwelling place" for a divine presence. Pregnant with their own imagery, these female idols house replicas of themselves; like a series of babushka dolls layering over one another, at times contained in one structure and at other times scattered and separate.

Rich with ornamentation and quasi-religious symbolism, Hickey’s beauties are born of different histories, contexts and worlds. Part Indian Goddess, part Russian Icon; these tattooed deities are earnest in their attempt to capture something of an inner soul or life force. “We are more than this physical flesh and bone”they whisper amidst the patterned flowers and golden halos.

Tabernacle of Skin will be showing 3 – 22 September at Lust For Life Gallery, Fortitude Valley.

Asian Folk Art | Fine Art - Group show at the BSG, Fitzroy.


26th August - 8th September


Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, Australia.


“Folk Art” as explained by Dwight MacDonald, “was the people’s own institution, their private little garden walled off from the great formal park of their masters’ High Culture”.

This exhibition seeks to bring together a strong body of contemporary work that derives its aesthetics from Asian Folk Art such as the play of light and shadow in the Wayang Kulit (Indonesian shadow theater), the stylized... and intricacy of paper cutout...s of the Chinese, the dynamic usage of colours and geometry in the Indian Tantric paintings, and the minimalistic forms fused with flat, decorative designs of the Japanese folk art sculptures, the list goes on.

Many artists have created works that creatively fuse folk art aesthetics and elements with their contemporary concepts. The adaptations and influences from Asian folk art aesthetics or concepts are non‐exhaustive of course and it is the artists' call which elements to take to tell their stories or to convey their ideas.

Works of various styles and mediums could be displayed at the exhibition, be it installations, sculptures, video, relief paintings, jewellery pieces and other 2‐dimensional pieces.

When the minimalists are saying Less is More in visual aesthetics, we are saying The More the Merrier! Lights! Colours! Action! After all, this exhibition is dedicated to the art of the Asian people and their cultural traditions in the name of intercultural modernity!

Anna Glynn
Aramas Ridge
Ashlea Bechaz
Ayaka Mikata
Belinda Joynes
Ben Lopez
Sarah Hickey
Ellen Stapleton
Hilde Thomsen
Jessica Singh
Josef Peeters
Josh Roelink
Julia Chau
Juliet D Collins
Kaitlin Beckett
Levene Wong
Mal Wass
Mia Taninaka
Min Zhang
Nani Puspasari
Sue Codee
Yuki Nakano

Curated by:
Pan Pan Gong

P.S. This is a free/unticketed event. Drinks can be purchased at the bar at $5.
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Horned Lace Idols - a solo exhibition of new works. Sept 30th - Oct 11th, 2011

When: 30th September - 11th October

Preview: Friday 30th September

Opening: Saturday 1st October @ 5pm

Where: White Canvas Gallery, 26 Church Street, Fortitude Valley. Open Mon-Tue, Thurs -Sun 11am-4pm 


About the Exhibition:

Sarah Hickey’s newest series Horned Lace Idols builds on her previous menagerie of patterned and pristine goddesses, yet maintain one striking difference: these women have horns.

Like the Shamans and Hybrid Pagan Gods worshipped before Christianity, the horns are representational of strength, bull-headed determination and power. The Horned Lace Idols simultaneously warn of their potential to defend or protect the herd whilst embodying a connection to the earth and spirit worlds.

Though these fantasy female forms reside in the glittering, exotic worlds of ornamentation and beauty, within them lies the souls of real women: women that can be afraid yet meet their opponent head-on, women that can be sensual without compromising their dignity, women that realise the importance of peace and stillness, and women that allow themselves to feel the full range of emotions dictated by their hearts.


'Art for Arts Sake' Cerebral Palsy Exhibition: 20 June - 1st July, 2011.

I am proud to be involved again with the Arts for Arts Sake Exhibition housed in the Riverside Centre Foyer from 20 June - 1st July. More than 200 artworks will be showcased at this year’s show that will raise funds for the Cerebral Palsy League in Queensland.

Opening night:

Monday 20 June, 6:30pm

Riverside Centre Foyer

123 Eagle Street, Brisbane


This year’s event will celebrate art in different forms and feature an exclusive parade of the latest designs by fashion icon, Tengdahl.


$45 per person

includes canapés & drinks

Bookings are essential so please RSVP by 15 June

T: 1800 819 086

E: fundraising@cplqld.org.au

W: www.cplqld.org.au/art











'From the HeART' Exhibition: 20th - 24th May, 2011

The Women’s Legal Service assists an average of 4,000 women per year, many of whom have english as a second language, are socially isolated, experience domestic violence and/or have ongoing and complex matters. Demand for the service exceeds funds and in 2011 we are facing the difficult situation of possibly having to make cuts to our service delivery. This is despite the fact that we can not answer at least 300 calls per week from women in need and our appointments are often booked out six weeks in advance. “From the HeArt” aims to raise money to ensure that as many women as possible have access to our help and support.


Opening night cocktails and canapes on Friday 20th May from 6pm.
The exhibition runs until 24th May, 2011.


Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane.

Tickets: $66

For more details please follow the link: http://www.wlsq.org.au/sub%20webs/Art%20Show%202011/artshowindex.html



'OTHER MISCONCEPTIONS' 23rd Oct - 12th Nov, 2010

'OTHER MISCONCEPTIONS' A Watercolour on paper exhibition of contemporary female artists.

Artists: Alicia King, Caitlin Sheedy, Caroline O'Neil, Carolyn V Watson, Cassandra L Schultz, Emma Lindsay, Fiona Fraser, Genevieve Staines, Jennifer Brasher, Jess Hall, Laini Burton, Luisa Rossitto, Madeleine kelly, Michelle van Eps, Mish Meijers, Pat Hoffie, Ruby Green, Sarah Hickey, Sonya Peters, Svenja Kratz, Tracey Potter, Tricky Walsh, Wendy van der Drift, Zoe Hughes, Zoe Porter...

When: 23rd October - 12th November, 2010
Where: Gallery 3 @ Level, 11 Stratton Street, Newstead. Brisbane.

Opening night: Friday 22nd October 6pm - 8pm. All welcome!

Menagerie : New works by Sarah Hickey, October 2010.

Menagerie: New work by Sarah Hickey

When: October 7th - 13th, Opening Night is Saturday 9th @ 5pm

Where: White Canvas Gallery, 26 Church Street, Fortitude Valley. Open Mon-Tue, Thurs-Sun 11am-5pm

About the Exhibition:

Menagerie: a collection of wild or exotic animals for exhibition.

Sarah Hickey’s aptly named show brings together assorted beasts of the wild and their mistresses, the Jungle Fleshed Femme Fatales and Floral Vamps.

Inspired by beautiful, iconic images of women gathered from different contexts and worlds, Hickey’s beauties embody the sensuality and self-assuredness of women who know their own animal magnetism. Beauty, spiritual iconography, and the feminine are recurring themes throughout her work, and here they are used adeptly to represent the fantasy self portraits, avatars, and inner roles that women create for themselves.

ACT for Kids Annual Art Exhibition: July 23 - 28, 2010.

I've got a few works in the ACT for Kids Art show coming up at White Canvas Gallery in Fortitude Valley. This is the venue that I'll be holding my solo in October!

Details below if you'd like to pop along...

Where: White Canvas Gallery, 26 Church Street, Fortitude Valley

When: Friday 23rd - Wednesday 28th July. Gallery opens 10am-4pm daily.

Opening: Opening night cocktail party on Friday 23rd July from 6-9pm so come along for a wonderful night! Cost is only $60 per person and includes wine and canapes.

Sanctuary Cove Art Fest: 18-20 June


The Sanctuary Cove Festival runs from Saturday June 5th - Sunday June 20th. The festival is staged at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Sanctuary Cove Festival - Art Weekend will take place on June 18, 19 & 20 in the Main Pavilion, Marine Village Sanctuary Cove. The children’s mural will be performed between 10am – 3pm Sunday 20th by two artists from the face painting company.

Opening hours of the Art Festival over the weekend (Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th) are 10am - 4pm. Entry is free of charge.

For further information contact:
Sanctuary Cove - (07) 5577 6500
Art Promotions Queensland - (07) 3219 7217


Art for Arts Sake Exhibition: 10 - 21 May, 2010.


Art for Art’s Sake is an art exhibition held annually supporting the work of CPL, the state’s largest disability service provider, assisting more than 7000 children and adults with a physical disability across the state.

Exhibition and Sale

10 - 21 May 2010, Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm
Waterfront Place Foyer, 1 Eagle Street Brisbane

More than 250 works of art from leading artists will be showcased and available for sale in the foyer of the Stockland's prestigious Waterfront Place Building for the duration of the exhibition.  Additionally a Gala Opening and Cocktail Reception will be held on Wednesday 12 May 2010 where guests have the exclusive opportunity to purchase dedicated works created by artists for the event.

Link: http://www.cplqld.org.au/help/art

Icons and Circus Sirens Exhibition @ Bleeding Heart Gallery, April!

Roll up, roll up! Exhibition of new and old work on @ Bleeding Heart Gallery 8 - 16th April, 2010. Details below:

What? Icons and Circus Sirens : New and Old work by Sarah Hickey.

When? 9th - 16th April 2010, Opening night: Friday 9th April, 5pm onwards.

Where? Bleeding Heart Gallery, 166 Ann Street, Brisbane CBD (Between Central Station and Town hall).

'Hearts of Gold' Exhibition @ Bleeding Heart Gallery

I'm so excited to be involved in this group exhibition! I will have a couple of screenprints there for sale... All welcome!

Where? Bleeding Heart Gallery, 166 Ann Street, Brisbane City. PH: (07) 3229 0395

When? Throughout the month of February, 2010

Opening Night? Friday February 5th. Free Entry

Web Link: www.bleedingheart.com.au