Menagerie : New works by Sarah Hickey, October 2010.

Menagerie: New work by Sarah Hickey

When: October 7th - 13th, Opening Night is Saturday 9th @ 5pm

Where: White Canvas Gallery, 26 Church Street, Fortitude Valley. Open Mon-Tue, Thurs-Sun 11am-5pm

About the Exhibition:

Menagerie: a collection of wild or exotic animals for exhibition.

Sarah Hickey’s aptly named show brings together assorted beasts of the wild and their mistresses, the Jungle Fleshed Femme Fatales and Floral Vamps.

Inspired by beautiful, iconic images of women gathered from different contexts and worlds, Hickey’s beauties embody the sensuality and self-assuredness of women who know their own animal magnetism. Beauty, spiritual iconography, and the feminine are recurring themes throughout her work, and here they are used adeptly to represent the fantasy self portraits, avatars, and inner roles that women create for themselves.