Horned Lace Idols - a solo exhibition of new works. Sept 30th - Oct 11th, 2011

When: 30th September - 11th October

Preview: Friday 30th September

Opening: Saturday 1st October @ 5pm

Where: White Canvas Gallery, 26 Church Street, Fortitude Valley. Open Mon-Tue, Thurs -Sun 11am-4pm 


About the Exhibition:

Sarah Hickey’s newest series Horned Lace Idols builds on her previous menagerie of patterned and pristine goddesses, yet maintain one striking difference: these women have horns.

Like the Shamans and Hybrid Pagan Gods worshipped before Christianity, the horns are representational of strength, bull-headed determination and power. The Horned Lace Idols simultaneously warn of their potential to defend or protect the herd whilst embodying a connection to the earth and spirit worlds.

Though these fantasy female forms reside in the glittering, exotic worlds of ornamentation and beauty, within them lies the souls of real women: women that can be afraid yet meet their opponent head-on, women that can be sensual without compromising their dignity, women that realise the importance of peace and stillness, and women that allow themselves to feel the full range of emotions dictated by their hearts.