Asian Folk Art | Fine Art - Group show at the BSG, Fitzroy.


26th August - 8th September


Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, Australia.


“Folk Art” as explained by Dwight MacDonald, “was the people’s own institution, their private little garden walled off from the great formal park of their masters’ High Culture”.

This exhibition seeks to bring together a strong body of contemporary work that derives its aesthetics from Asian Folk Art such as the play of light and shadow in the Wayang Kulit (Indonesian shadow theater), the stylized... and intricacy of paper cutout...s of the Chinese, the dynamic usage of colours and geometry in the Indian Tantric paintings, and the minimalistic forms fused with flat, decorative designs of the Japanese folk art sculptures, the list goes on.

Many artists have created works that creatively fuse folk art aesthetics and elements with their contemporary concepts. The adaptations and influences from Asian folk art aesthetics or concepts are non‐exhaustive of course and it is the artists' call which elements to take to tell their stories or to convey their ideas.

Works of various styles and mediums could be displayed at the exhibition, be it installations, sculptures, video, relief paintings, jewellery pieces and other 2‐dimensional pieces.

When the minimalists are saying Less is More in visual aesthetics, we are saying The More the Merrier! Lights! Colours! Action! After all, this exhibition is dedicated to the art of the Asian people and their cultural traditions in the name of intercultural modernity!

Anna Glynn
Aramas Ridge
Ashlea Bechaz
Ayaka Mikata
Belinda Joynes
Ben Lopez
Sarah Hickey
Ellen Stapleton
Hilde Thomsen
Jessica Singh
Josef Peeters
Josh Roelink
Julia Chau
Juliet D Collins
Kaitlin Beckett
Levene Wong
Mal Wass
Mia Taninaka
Min Zhang
Nani Puspasari
Sue Codee
Yuki Nakano

Curated by:
Pan Pan Gong

P.S. This is a free/unticketed event. Drinks can be purchased at the bar at $5.
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