The Dancers (Split Decisions and Always Backstage)
Kindreds (with small headed victories and fertility snakes)
The Blonde Itinerant (Shapeshifter, Snake Charmer and Tiger Tamer)
Sisters with Secrets and Fruits (Homage to Gauguin)
Myself as a Folly (Carrying all that is dear)
Wearing myself (a portrait)
Reclining Nude (Homage to Matisse)
Self Portrait - Birthing
Margi and The Muse
Table Feast (Dragonfruit Blooms and Vermillion Lemons)
Island Femme (with skin canvas and thought blooms)
Fauvist Femme
Suffragette (with wild companion)
Orange Grevilleas and lemon vase
Banksia with suzani throw and polkadots
Hickey, S. 2018. Emergence (flanked by kindreds), 140cm x 180.5cm, oil and mixed media on canvas 4.jpg
Young Queen (with Throat Tiger and Upside-down Frida)
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