The Dancers (Split Decisions and Always Backstage)
Kindreds (with small headed victories and fertility snakes)
Wearing myself (a portrait)
The Blonde Itinerant (Shapeshifter, Snake Charmer and Tiger Tamer)
Self Portrait -Warrior with Chesire Cat and Shrunken Selves
Suffragette (with wild companion)
Sisters with Secrets and Fruits (Homage to Gauguin)
Self Portrait - Birthing
Margi and The Muse
Table Feast (Dragonfruit Blooms and Vermillion Lemons)
Island Femme (with skin canvas and thought blooms)
Fauvist Femme
Young Queen (with Throat Tiger and Upside-down Frida)
Orange Grevilleas and lemon vase
Banksia with suzani throw and polkadots
Hickey, S. 2018. Emergence (flanked by kindreds), 140cm x 180.5cm, oil and mixed media on canvas 4.jpg
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